Žabljak / Durmitor

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Žabljak (map) is small town in northern Montenegro, and is the centre winter tourism. Durmitor is a massif located in northwestern Montenegro. It is part of the Dinaric Alps.

Durmitor National Park (map) was founded in 1952, and designated as a World Heritage Site in 1980. Durmitor features 18 glacial lakes, scattered over mountain massif and Jezerska Površ plateau. The lakes add significantly to the beauty of the mountain, and have been nicknamed Gorske Oči, or “mountain eyes”.

In winter, the main activities on Durmitor are skiing and snowboarding. In summer, the activities shift to hiking, mountaineering and recreational tourism.

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A one day visit to Žabljak might be enough for moderate outdoor enthusiasts who simply want to see the *Tara Canyon (map) and *Black Lake (map), while enthiusiasts of trekking, hiking, rafting, canyoning, and skiing will enjoy longer stays.

OpenStreetMaps have a very good map data of Durmitor national park. Mapy.cz seems to implement this data the best for hiking, because they provide information about height and elevation profiles. Don’t forget to download Montenegro maps for offline use, as the cell signal may be weak in the mountains.

One problem hampering the development of Žabljak as major regional mountain tourism destination is the lack of quality road infrastructure. The situation has been improving somewhat in recent years. Žabljak’s main road connection with the rest of Montenegro is the road that links Žabljak with Mojkovac and the E65, the main road connection between the Montenegrin coast, Podgorica and the north.

Hiking routes

The usual and the most visited one is to go around the Crno Jezero (map) and then Malo Jezero adjacent to it. Allow 1.5 hr for leisurely walk.

A few peaks can be conquered, and those are pretty exhausting although rewarding hikes. E.g. hike to Bobotov Kuk Peak (map) which can take up to a full day (at least 5-6 hr one way). It’s possible to get to the peak from the village of Sedlo (map), and it’s a much easier option as the starting point is much higher than Crno Jezero, after traversing the mountain go down to Crno Jezero. (+ alltrails.com)

+ Skiing – Durmitor’s snow cover lasts 120 days per year and its best slopes are Savin kuk (map), Štuoc and Javorovača (map). Savin kuk has two chairlifts, a ski lift, nursery lift and a ski service. Savin kuk slope is 3,500 m long. Štuoc is somewhat shorter (2,600 m) but very exciting, and Javorovača’s 800 m are perfect for those preferring short runs. The Nordic skiing tracks are 3 to 12 km long.

+ Rafting – 1.3 km deep Tara river canyon offers unforgettable rafting experience. You can go rafting by boat or a wooden raft down the 100 km of the most beautiful and exciting part of Tara. The usual route is from Splavište down to Šćepan Polje (map), and in between you can see Ljutice Falls, the 165-m-high magnificent Tara bridge, an old Roman road, and Lever Tara.

The scenery at Tepački bukovi, Sušica canyon, Bailove sige, and Brstanovića bukovi is breathtaking. Rafting tours can also start at Radovan luka or Brstanovica. There is a couple of travel agencies offering rafting tours.

Public transport

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 RAIL >   The nearest railway station is in Mojkovac (map) 71km far away from Zabljak, and it’s on the Belgrade-Bar railway line.

 AIRPORTS >   Podgorica, and its international airport, are some 170 km away, 2h 15 minutes. >> montenegroairports.com


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