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Portugal – Transport.

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Portugal has an extensive railway network operated by Comboios de Portugal (CP). Trains are a popular and efficient mode of transportation for traveling between major cities and towns.

Rede Expressos is one of the major bus operators in Portugal, providing intercity bus services.

If you need to travel by ferry in the Lisbon area, the Transtejo e Soflusa website provides information on ferry routes, timetables, and fares for the Tagus River crossings.

There are ferry connections between Portugal and Spain. For example, the Spanish company Naviera Armas operates ferries between Huelva in Spain and the Portuguese ports of Portimão and Funchal.

+ Cape Verde: There are occasional ferry services that connect Cape Verde and Portugal. These services are operated by various ferry companies and offer a longer-distance option for travel.

  • PPL – Portugal’s national cycle touring network.
  • CoopTaxis – Portugal’s national taxi company.


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Rede Expressos is one of the largest inter-city bus companies. + Rodo-Norte (northern regions) and Eva Transportes.

  • Alta Qualidade: Deluxe, high-speed service between major cities
  • Expressos: Comfortable, fast services between major cities
  • Rapidas: Quick regional connections
  • Carreiras (CR): Slower regional services stopping at most small towns

In addition to intercity services, there are regional and local bus services within cities and towns. These buses, operated by local transport companies, provide transportation within urban areas and to nearby suburbs.

From Spain: ALSAAvanza Grupo


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Rail travel in Portugal (Comboios de Portugal) is usually slightly faster than travel by bus, but services are less frequent and cost more. As a rule of thumb, if one is traveling by rail within Portugal or internationally, the main railway junction is in Entroncamento (map), from here all lines branch out and all trains make a stop.

CP offers a mobile app, available for both Android and iOS, to check timetables, book tickets, and edit travel itineraries.

If you’re planning on traveling extensively through Portugal by train and you’re not a resident of the country, you may want to consider getting a Portugal Rail Pass.

The Celta train connects Oporto and Vigo (Spain) every day. The Lusitania overnight train connects Lisbon with Madrid,


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Lisbon: The Transtejo e Soflusa ferry company operates services across the Tagus River, connecting Lisbon with several destinations on the southern bank, such as Cacilhas (map), Seixal (map), and Montijo (map).

Ferries operate between Setúbal and the Tróia Peninsula, providing a scenic way to reach the beautiful beaches and nature reserves in the area.

Atlânticoline is the main ferry operator in the Azores.

Madeira: Ferries operate between the port of Funchal in Madeira and the nearby island of Porto Santo (portosantoline.pt).


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Driving in Portugal can be an enjoyable and convenient way to explore the country. However, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with the rules of the road and understand the local driving conditions before hitting the streets.

The minimum age for driving in Portugal is 18 years for cars and motorcycles. However, rental car companies may have different age restrictions.

Americans and nationals of other European Union countries are allowed to drive in Portugal with their local driving license. Provided they aren’t driving longer than six months (185 days according to the U.S. embassy in Portugal)  If you want to stay longer, you have to apply to the Portuguese Customs authority to have the car legally imported.

There are several international and local car rental companies operating in Portugal, including major brands like Hertz, Avis, Europcar, Budget, and Sixt.

Also сheck оut мore info: *Driving in Portugal (wikivoyage.org)