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Japan – Transport.

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Transit Planner | Route Map – Japan Transit Planner.

For sorting through transport schedules and fares, HyperDia is an invaluable companion; it computes to-the-minute directions including connecting trains, as well as buses and planes.

Navitime is a popular navigation app and website that provides comprehensive information on public transportation in Japan. It covers trains, buses, and other modes of transport, offering route planning, timetables, and real-time updates. (If you know Japanese.)

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Japan Bus Online is a comprehensive website that allows you to search for and book bus tickets across Japan. It provides information on various bus operators, routes, schedules, fares, and seat availability.

Willer Express is a major bus company in Japan that offers long-distance bus services connecting cities throughout the country. Their website allows you to search for routes, check schedules, and book bus tickets.

Highway Bus is a popular bus service provider that offers long-distance travel between major cities in Japan. Their website provides information on routes, schedules, fares, and online booking options.

+ JR Bus (kakuyasubus.jp) • kate.co.jp.

For local bus services within specific cities, it’s best to check the official websites of the respective city’s transportation bureau or bus company.

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Japan Railways (JR): The official website of Japan Railways provides information about train routes, schedules, fares, and services offered by JR. It covers both regional and long-distance train travel.

The JAPAN RAIL PASS, a joint collaboration with six companies comprising the Japan Railways Group (JR Group), is an economical and convenient way of traveling throughout Japan by rail.

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It’s important to note that domestic flights within Japan are mostly short-haul flights and are most commonly used for traveling longer distances between different regions or to remote islands.

Most international flights arrive at either Narita Airport near Tokyo or Kansai Airport near Osaka; a smaller number use Chubu International Airport near Nagoya.

Domestic Air Travel: JAL GroupANA GroupSkymark AirlinesPeach AviationJetstar JapanAir DoStarflyerSolaseed AirFuji Dream AirlinesIBEX Airlines

Spring Japan connects Narita Airport with Hiroshima and Sapporo.

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Aomori – Hokkaido

Inland Sea (Seto Naikai)

Kagoshima – Okinawa/Yakushima

Sendai/Niigata – Tomokomai

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To drive legally in Japan, you must have a valid International Driving Permit. This permit should be obtained in your home country before traveling to Japan. It serves as a translation of your native driver’s license and must be carried with your original license at all times while driving in Japan. ⇒ Official Japanese Driving Licence Translation.

Japan Automobile Federation

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