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Tomorrowland is a Belgian electronic dance music festival held in *Boom (map), Flanders. It not only unites tens of thousands of music lovers from more than 200 countries under one roof but also brings them closer.

The festival not just preaches ‘Live Today, Love Tomorrow, Unite Forever’ to the music lovers across the planet, but also ensures that they believe in it. Apart from mind-boggling and soul-satisfying music, Tomorrowland festival also boasts around 15 spectacular stage designs and breathtaking fireworks.

Over 400 DJs play all your favorite types of music over more than 16 different stages. Every stage is special, and the details of those stages are stunning!

Everything goes with the theme. From the stages, to all of the intricate decorations. Even the trash cans are designed to go with the theme of the festival. You will never see anything out of place at Tomorrowland. Everything just fits perfectly. At night, the grounds come alive and transform into a completely different setting. Nighttime at Tomorrowland is nothing short of magical.

Tomorrowland is the number 1 destination for all electronic music lovers. Tickets sell out in less than a minute, need we say more?

While there’s no guaranteed way to get tickets as they are given on first come first basis, the best way to make sure you have more chances of getting on the final list is by registering correctly. Here a few tips for the same:

  • Make sure you pre-register the day the pre-registration starts and provide all the essential details like name, contact number, and email id. Also, ensure that the information you enter if of the person for whom you’re buying the ticket as the name needs to match with the festival bracelet.
  • Avoid buying the tickets from third party websites as they can be a scam.
  • Inform your bank well in advance that you’re going to make an international transaction so that you do not face any errors while buying the ticket.

While you can easily find good hotels in Boom, Belgium, the best place to stay during Tomorrowland is its festival ground, DreamVille. Believe it or not, everything you need is available in Dreamville. Starting with a supermarket, a butcher that sells fresh meat, fresh bread from the bakery, a tattoo shop, hair salons, a laundry shop, the list goes on. This is just a section of Tomorrowland’s massive campgrounds.

Food is one thing that you don’t have to be concerned about at all if you’re going to Tomorrowland because this music festival actually serves the world on a platter.


#1 Visit Bruges

Bruges’ historic center is a designated UNESCO World Heritage, renowned for its exceptionally well-preserved medieval architecture.

#2 Visit Ghent

Whether exploring its medieval landmarks, enjoying a boat ride on the river, or savoring the local cuisine, Ghent offers a unique experience.

#3 Ghent Festival

The Ghent Festival, also known as the Ghent Festivities (Gentse Feesten), is one of the largest cultural festivals in Europe.

Public transport.

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Smart Mobility Planner | door-to-door routeplanner for the whole country, covering all forms of public transport.

Also сheck оut мore info: Get around Brussels (visit.brussels) • Travelling to, in and around Flanders (visitflanders.com) • Public Transport (belgium.be)

BUS: De Lijn operates bus and tram services throughout Flanders, while the Société Régionale Wallonne du Transport (SRWT/Tec) operates services in Wallonia. Brussels has its own public transport company called STIB/MIVB, which operates buses, trams, and the metro within the city.

TRAIN: Belgiantrain.be – Use the official journey planner operated by the National Railway Company of Belgium to find train itineraries and prices. + ThalysSNCFEurostarDeutsche Bahn

AIRPORT: Brussels Airport, also known as Zaventem due to the town in which it is mainly located, is Belgium’s main airport. Brussels South Charleroi Airport, about 50 km (31 mi) south of Brussels, mostly serves low-cost carriers.

Tomorrowland Winter 2023 | Official Aftermovie.

People of Tomorrow, you have come from far and wide to unite at Tomorrowland Winter. Take a moment and fill your hearts with wonder and joy. May our paths cross once more, and our friendship never end.

video source: Tomorrowland / youtube.com /

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Mobility Planner.

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Brussels Museums.

Brussels Museums (brusselsmuseums.be) is the non-profit association that brings together more than 120 museums in Brussels.

Smart Mobility Planner – door-to-door routeplanner for the whole country, covering all forms of public transport.

beertourism.com – web’s most comprehensive guide to Belgian beers and breweries written especially for beer aficionados.

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