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Republic of Suriname (map) is the smallest independent country in South America. *Paramaribo is capital and largest city. The vast majority of Suriname’s inhabitants (about 90%) live in Paramaribo or on the coast.

Located in the upper Coppename River watershed, the *Central Suriname Nature Reserve (map) has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its unspoiled forests and biodiversity. (*Surinamese Rainforest) In October 2013, 16 international scientists researching the ecosystems during a three-week expedition in Suriname’s Upper Palumeu River Watershed catalogued 1,378 species and found 60—including six frogs, one snake, and 11 fish—that may be previously unknown species.

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The Amazon rain forests cover most of the Surinam surface and is home to thousands of birds, reptiles, monkeys and even a handful of jaguars. As tourism develops, guided tours and resorts in the heart of the jungle are popping up and make a comfortable option if you want to spend a few days spotting wildlife or plants, including the rubber tree, spike-footed palms, plenty of orchids and cacti.

At every riverbank you can charter boats at reasonable prices. It is wise to always travel with a tour guide.

::: Source: My Expat Diary

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