City of Rotterdam

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Rotterdam (map) is a city in the province of South Holland (40 minutes from Amsterdam by train). The city is the second largest in the country.

The centre of Rotterdam was almost completely destroyed by the Luftwaffe. Since then many relatively high buildings (for Dutch standards) have been emerging throughout and around the city centre. Daring and new styles of apartments, office buildings and recreation facilities resulted in Rotterdam becoming a city of modern architecture and the only city in the Netherlands with a modern skyline.

And yes, the city is not the cosiest, or the most picturesque of towns, especially on drab winter days. But get acquainted with this small metropolis, easiest done on one of the festival days with nice weather.

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Kubuswoningen (Cube Houses, map). These houses, designed by Dutch architect Piet Blom, are literally cubes, tilted over by 45 degrees. Oude Haven (map). The Old Harbour is a nice place to see and sit at some café nearby.

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Het Schielandshuis (map). This is the only remaining 17th-century building in the city center of Rotterdam. It was once the place where French emperor Napoleon stayed, visiting his troops when they occupied the Netherlands.

Delfshaven (map). It is one of very few locations in the city which survived WWII bombings. Easily accessible by metro (station of the same name), historic Delfshaven is a very scenic walk.

Chinatown (map). A massive chinatown, full of chinese restuarants but also indonesian and other Asian restuarants.

Rotterdam has only seven windmills left. Of these, only De Ster and De Lelie are open to visitors on a regular basis. Other windmills are open to visitors when the mill is turning (easy enough to see), but there are some exceptions to this rule of thumb. A blue flag also indicates that the mill is open to visitors.

The closest good beach is about 30 km away at Hook of Holland (map). Here you will find a very fine sand beach with good swimming and enough entertainment. For a more urban-party beach experience head to Scheveningen (map) where you can find everything beach-party addicts dream about.

Summer Carnival (ZOMERCARNAVAL). A huge Caribbean-oriented parade and party in the city centre.

Public transport

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RET – Transport in Rotterdam

OV Reisplanner – All public transport companies. All public transport in the Netherlands (buses, trams, metros and trains) use contactless smart cards called >> OV-chipkaart

CityMapper – The Netherlands | The ultimate transport app and technology for mobility in cities.

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 BUS >   With bus routes 32 and 44 we cover Rotterdam’s most beautiful and best-loved attractions. Open the map of bus route 32 (PDF) • Open the map of bus route 44 (PDF)


 RAIL >   Information about trains can be found at the Nederlandse Spoorwegen (NS, Dutch Railways) + NS — International App, which includes a trip planner which uses the latest information about train delays and detours. (*Rail travel in the Netherlands)

 AIRPORTS >   Rotterdam The Hague Airport. It is the 3rd largest airport in the country. It is 6 km north of the city centre.

Schiphol Airport is one of the busiest airports in the world. It is 15 km (9.3 mi) southwest of Amsterdam. It’s a point of interest in itself, being 4 metres below mean sea level.

 WATERWAYS >   P&O Ferries has a daily overnight sailing from *Kingston Upon Hull (map) to Rotterdam Europoort. From Rotterdam Europoort P&O Ferries operates a shuttle bus service that takes you to the city center of Rotterdam. + StenaLineDFDS Seaways

Amsterdam Central Station (map). Waterbus Rotterdam & Dordrecht >> +

 CYCLING > Cycling is a ubiquitous mode of transport in the Netherlands. The best online routeplanner for cyclists can be found at a wikiplanner made by volunteers of the Dutch cyclist union “Fietsersbond”.

::: Source: The Intrepid Guide

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