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Portuguese Republic is a country located mostly on the Iberian Peninsula. Its territory also includes the Atlantic archipelagos of the Azores and Madeira. Portugal is the oldest nation state on the Iberian Peninsula and one of the oldest in Europe, its territory having been continuously settled, invaded and fought over since prehistoric times.

Inhabited by pre-Celtic and Celtic peoples, visited by Phoenicians-Carthaginians, Ancient Greeks and ruled by the Romans, who were followed by the invasions of the Suebi and Visigothic Germanic peoples. Portugal has left a profound cultural, architectural and linguistic influence across the globe.

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The most popular destinations were LisbonPortoFátima, the *Portuguese Riviera and the Algarve.

The Marinha Beach / Praia da Marinha (map) in Lagoa, Algarve is considered by the Michelin Guide as one of the 10 most beautiful beaches in Europe and as one of the 100 most beautiful beaches in the world.

*Aveiro (map) – the “Venice” of Portugal. Braga (map) – city of Archbishops. Évora (map) – “Museum City”, Alentejo regional capital. *Nazaré (map) – the village that entered in the Guinness Book of Records by its gigantic sea waves. Óbidos (map) – a popular destination due to its walled hilltop medieval castle. *Sintra (map) – A UNESCO-listed village with several old palaces and fortresses.


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Lisbon Portela Airport is the main aviation hub. Porto Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport, serving Portugal’s second-largest city and the entire northern part of the country. Madeira Airport in Funchal serves the green island in the Atlantic. João Paulo II Airport in Ponta Delgada serves the Azores archipelago.

Rail travel in Portugal is usually slightly faster than travel by bus, but services are less frequent and cost more. >> Comboios de Portugal. As a rule of thumb, if one is traveling by rail within Portugal or internationally, the main railway junction is in Entroncamento (map), from here all lines branch out and all trains make a stop.

Rede Expressos is one of the largest inter-city bus companies.

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