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Podgorica (map) is the capital of Montenegro. While not a typical European eye candy, the city is definitely worth visiting, owing to its interesting mix of old and new, its café culture and nightlife, and its laid back Mediterranean atmosphere.

Both Montenegrin coastal cities (Bar, Budva and *Tivat) and its mountain resorts are within one hour’s drive from the city and Tivat one hour and 45 minutes, so it is an excellent starting point for day trips to anywhere in Montenegro.

Podgorica is a medium-sized city. If your accommodation is near the city centre, or the “Preko Morače” district – all points of interest could be visited on foot.

While in Podgorica, one can enjoy the diversity of Montenegro’s capital cafes and restaurants, check out the nightlife, or take a walk at some of the favourite picnic locations of Podgorica citizens – Mareza, Skadar Lake, or Gorica hill. While strolling through Podgorica center, you might find the shopping area interesting, as there is a good number of boutiques.

Old Turkish town (“Stara Varoš” or “old town”, map) with its mosques and old clock tower. A typical old Turkish “kasaba” (town), with narrow and curvy streets.

Buses are not very frequent, and maps of the lines could be hard to locate. Ticket price is between €0.80 per single ride, and can be purchased on board, usually directly from the driver.

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Public Transport.

Guide to traveling to and getting around in Montenegro.

Also сheck оut мore info: Public transport (podgorica.travel) • How can you journey to us? (montenegro.travel)

BUS: Buses are frequent (especially during the summer), safe and are more or less on schedule. This may be the easiest way to get around Montenegro. ⇒ waytomonte.combusticket4.me.

TRAIN: There is local train service (zpcg.me), operating from Bar, through Podgorica and Kolasin and Mojkovac to Bijelo Polje. It is the cheapest way to travel from north to south and vice versa, the quality of service is not on the high level.

AIRPORT: montenegroairports.com

Podgorica Travel Guide | Things To Do In The Montenegro Capital.

We spent the day exploring the charming city of #Podgorica and had a blast! Podgorica is the capital of #Montenegro, and it’s a pretty small city as far as European capitals go. The population is about 150,000 people. Even though it’s not a big bustling city, we still had a great time exploring and found plenty of fun things to do!

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