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Florianópolis (“Floripa” for short, map) is a coastal city in southern Brazil, the capital of the state of *Santa Catarina. Most of the city’s area consists of the island of Santa Catarina, connected to the mainland by two bridges. Only a small part of the island can really be called urban—the rest is full of gorgeous beaches and nature, including a large lagoon.

Though famous for its beaches, Floripa also has great hikes and beautiful forested mountains. Here you can enjoy the outgoing culture and natural beauty of coastal Brazil in a less dangerous place than Rio de Janeiro, Fortaleza, or Recife.

The fishing boats, the lacemakers, the folklore, the cuisine and the colonial architecture contribute to the growing tourism and attracts resources that compensate for the lack of any large industry.

Villages immersed in tradition and history, such as Santo Antônio de Lisboa (map) and Ribeirão da Ilha (map) still resist the advances of modernity.

Lagoa da Conceição (Lagoon of Conceição, map) is the largest lagoon on the island of Florianopolis and one of the most visited area of the island by foreign travelers and backpackers. The area has the highest concentration of restaurants, bars, organic markets and shops. Many expats and Brazilian people from other cities choose to live by the lagoon because of its views, safety, nature and quality of life.

Joaquina Beach (Praia da Joaquina, map) – is accessible from the Lagoon of Conceição. It is one of the beaches that offers the best tourist facilities, receiving a large number of tourists from around Brazil and the world on the warm days in spring and summer.

The northern beach resorts Jurerê, Daniela, Canasvieiras, Brava and Ingleses get very busy during the summer and there are plenty of hotels, restaurants and other conveniences for the tourist.

Eastern beaches, like Joaquina, Mole and Moçambique are among the best surfing beaches and popular with young people.

Beaches heading south include Campeche, Armação and Morro das Pedras, which are all very beautiful and also good for surfing.

Trilha da Boa Vista (map, to get to the trailhead, take the bridge east from Barra da Lagoa, turn right, and follow the signs that say “Trilha”). A challenging trail of around two hours from near Barra da Lagoa up through the mountains, with beautiful views of the ocean, that takes you to the beautiful Praia da Galheta. 

Trilha da Costa da Lagoa (map, to get to the trailhead, follow Rua João Henrique Gonçalves all the way north). A roughly two-hour hike through the forest along the side of the lagoon, passing through some small fishing villages that are only accessible by trail and boat.

Isolated and unspoilt beaches, like Lagoinha do Leste and Naufragados, can be found at the southern end of the island and can only be reached only by trail. Lagoa da Conceição is a famous natural attraction, and the centerpiece of the island; it is relatively shallow, with high winds making it a world-class location for windsurfing. Peri Lagoon is quieter, on the other hand, and great for nature walks.


#1 Rio Carnival

It is considered the biggest carnival in the world, with two million people per day on the streets. Information about Rio de Janeiro.

#2 Visit Manaus.

Manaus is located in the center of the world’s largest rainforest. Information about the city’s attractions, and activities.

#3 Salvador.

Salvador is considered one of the birthplaces of Brazilian culture. Information about the city’s attractions, culture, events, and activities.

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Guichê Virtual is an online platform that allows you to search and book bus tickets for various destinations in Brazil. It covers a wide range of bus companies and provides a user-friendly interface for planning your bus travels.

The bus schedule for the urban passenger transport service in large and small cities can be consulted on the website ⇒ Horario de Onibus

BUS: Brazil Bus Travel – specializes in bus travel in Brazil. Green Toad Bus – knows that booking local transport and activities around South America can be challenging and confusing at times. Busca Ônibus is a useful resource for finding bus schedules.

TRAIN: The Companhia Brasileira de Trens Urbanos (CBTU) is the official website of the Brazilian Urban Trains Company. + vale.com / Serra Verde Express

AIRPORT: Hercílio Luz International Airport (12 km from the city center). Most all airports with regular passenger traffic are operated by the federal – Infraero. They have a very convenient website, with an English version. By far, the largest international airport in Brazil: São Paulo-Guarulhos International AirportRio de Janeiro-Galeão International Airport

FERRY: Amazon Explorers is a tour operator specializing in boat trips and river transport in the Amazon region. Paraty Tours is a tourism company in Paraty, a coastal town in Rio de Janeiro state. + CCR Barcas (Rio de Janeiro) • Internacional Marítima (Bahia).

FLORIANOPOLIS | The Most Beautiful Place In Brazil.

How don’t more people know about this place?? I was STUNNED by the beautiful of this magical island and it is definitely paradise on Earth. Florianopolis is in the south of Brazil and is the capital city of Santa Catarina state. It is a very unique destination where there is a busy downtown core, but what most people come here for is the jaw dropping beaches, beautiful mountains, sand dunes and just all around beauty that is this island. Join me on a tour of a few famous places like Barra da Lagoa and Joaquina Beach, eat some amazing seafood and even go sand boarding (or at least attempt to)! Hope you guys enjoy the video!

video source: Alina Mcleod / youtube.com /

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Visas are required for foreigners to enter and stay in the Brazilian territory for any period of time. Special Visa Categories.


Eventbrite is a platform that allows you to discover and book tickets for a wide range of events happening in Brazil.

Brazil Bus Travel.

Brazil Bus Travel is a website that specializes in bus travel in Brazil. Search for bus routes, schedules, fares, and book tickets online.

Currency Conversion: Websites like XE (www.xe.com) or OANDA (www.oanda.com) provide real-time currency exchange rates, allowing you to convert your home currency to Brazilian Real (BRL) and vice versa.

Brazil SIM Card: Upon arriving in Brazil, you may consider getting a local SIM card for your mobile phone to have reliable data connectivity. Some popular providers include Claro (www.claro.com.br), Vivo (www.vivo.com.br), and TIM (www.tim.com.br). You can check their websites for available plans, coverage, and instructions on purchasing and activating SIM cards.

The Rio Times is an English-language news website that covers news, culture, events, and tourism-related information primarily focusing on Rio de Janeiro. It provides a valuable resource for international tourists visiting Rio and wanting to stay informed about local news and events.

Eventbrite is a platform that allows you to discover and book tickets for a wide range of events happening in Brazil, including concerts, festivals, exhibitions, sports events, and cultural performances. It can help you find and participate in local events during your visit.