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As Europe’s oldest kingdom and the home of Hans Christian Andersen, Denmark is often marketed as a “fairytale country”. The term is so ingrained, that it is still used in international news reports. Though not immediately obvious on a map, Denmark includes more than 400 islands, of which 72 are populated.

Copenhagen (København) – Denmark’s capital and is a huge city. Entrance to many museums is free once a week, mainly on Wednesdays. Aarhus – second largest city and the best places in Denmark to eat. The brilliant Old Town open air museum with reconstructed old historic timber-framed buildings.

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Odense – the main city of the island of Funen, known as the birthplace of fairytale writer Hans Christian Andersen. The old historic town centre features cosy winding cobbled streets with interesting streetscapes of both medieval listed buildings and modern architecture.

The island of Bornholm in the Baltic Sea to the south of Sweden has a number of tourist attractions, including rocky seascapes, sandy beaches and fishing villages.

Copenhagen Airport is the largest airport in Scandinavia. Danish State Rail system. For public transportation (trains, buses and ferries) use the online travel planner Rejseplanen. The only way get to most of the smaller islands is by ferry >> www.faerge.dk.

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