Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE)

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Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE)

The Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) is a five-day electronic music conference and festival held annually in mid-October. The event attracts a total of more than 1,000 events in nearly 200 locations across its multidisciplinary program; for five days and nights, the city of Amsterdam truly breathes electronic music.

The event, organised by The Amsterdam Dance Event Foundation, offers a full programme of daytime conferences and the nighttime ADE Festival, which features over 1,000 events and 2,500 artists over five days in 200 clubs and venues. The most notable event is the Amsterdam Music Festival (AMF) in the Johan Cruyff Arena (map) on Saturday night.

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ADE also opens its doors to non-professional musicians with ADE Sound Lab, where aspiring artists and producers are invited to meet some of the world’s most popular and in-demand artists, DJs and producers face-to-face in order to get expert opinions on their work.

ADE attracts over 400,000 people from all over the world to the city, making Amsterdam one of the busiest clubbing cities in the world.

ADE’s conference program is the ultimate business and inspiration platform for the global electronic music industry, featuring dedicated programming for music professionals, aspiring DJs/producers and musicians, tech start-ups, brand- and marketing managers and much more.

ADE acknowledges that its platform is a powerful medium that not only reflects and showcases global developments in electronic music, but also contributes to the perception and position of global dance culture today.


Amsterdam’s main attractions include its historic canals, the Rijksmuseum (map), the Van Gogh Museum (map), the Stedelijk Museum (map), Hermitage Amsterdam (map), the Concertgebouw (map), the Anne Frank House (map), the Scheepvaartmuseum (map), the Amsterdam Museum (map), the Heineken Experience (map), the Royal Palace of Amsterdam (map), Natura Artis Magistra (map), Hortus Botanicus Amsterdam (map), NEMO (map), the red-light district (the oldest area of the town De Wallen, map) and many cannabis coffee shops.

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Gemeentelijk Vervoerbedrijf (GVB)

CityMapper – The Netherlands | The ultimate transport app and technology for mobility in cities. – you can plan all your trips with the train, bus, metro, tram, and ferry.

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All public transport in the Netherlands (buses, trams, metros and trains) use contactless smart cards called >> OV-chipkaart

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 RAIL >   Amsterdam Centraal (map). Information about trains can be found at the Nederlandse Spoorwegen (NS, Dutch Railways) + NS — International App, which includes a trip planner which uses the latest information about train delays and detours. (*Rail travel in the Netherlands)

 AIRPORTS >   Schiphol Airport is one of the busiest airports in the world. It is 15 km (9.3 mi) southwest of Amsterdam. It’s a point of interest in itself, being 4 metres below mean sea level.

 WATERWAYS >   Map of Amsterdam ferry routes. Waterbus Rotterdam & Dordrecht >> +

 CYCLING > Cycling is a ubiquitous mode of transport in the Netherlands. The best online routeplanner for cyclists can be found at a wikiplanner made by volunteers of the Dutch cyclist union “Fietsersbond”.

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