Your real journey begins when you stop reading someone else’s travel guide

“I’m talking about real travel, son. Not all the nonsense from the travel brochures. Paris New Bridge in the early morning, when no one is there, some tramps crawl out from under the bridges and from the metro, and the sun is reflected in the water. New York, Central Park in spring. Rome. Ascension Island. Cross the Italian Alps on a donkey. Sail from Crete in a greengrocer’s caik. Cross the Himalayas on foot. There is rice from the leaves at the Ganesha temple. Get caught in a storm off the coast of New Guinea. Meet the spring in Moscow, when a whole winter of dog shit from under the melted snow is climbing. “

(Joan Harris. “Blackberry Wine”)

What are we doing?

We make travel information searching as simple as flight or hotel booking. To do this, we create a single information catalog for all countries, popular cities, places and events.

All travel information in one place. All answers in two clicks at any time. No need to waste time on search queries and digging through search results. We have already found and checked everything.

Perhaps not all the information is ready yet, but every day we add something to the catalog.

Why are we doing this?

It’s simple, we love to travel. When planning trips, we got tired of constantly digging through search results. Search for hotels and flights is organized in abundance. It seems that hotel and flight booking is the main goal of international tourism.

Everyone thinks that Google provides information support. But Google is just a search engine, an aggregator of information. Google does not improve the information and does not have its own information directory.

We want to solve a problem related to information retrieval.