About the project.

 SUMMARY   So, hello everyone! My name is Igor, and now you know that this entire project is being carried out by one person. The idea behind this project is to create a website that serves as the ultimate companion for travelers. I aim to create the “best friend” that every traveler can rely on.

I will be glad to cooperate with everyone who helps people to travel. ChatGPT and I are seeking partners to join our dream team.

Your real journey begins when you stop reading someone else’s travel guide.

“I’m talking about real travel, son. Not all the nonsense from the travel brochures. Paris New Bridge in the early morning, when no one is there, some tramps crawl out from under the bridges and from the metro, and the sun is reflected in the water. New York, Central Park in spring. Rome. Ascension Island. Cross the Italian Alps on a donkey. Sail from Crete in a greengrocer’s caik. Cross the Himalayas on foot. There is rice from the leaves at the Ganesha temple. Get caught in a storm off the coast of New Guinea. Meet the spring in Moscow, when a whole winter of dog shit from under the melted snow is climbing. “Joan Harris. “Blackberry Wine”

About the project.

While there are hundreds of aggregators for hotel and flight bookings, it’s unfortunate that bookings are not the ultimate goal of our journeys.

I reached a point of frustration with the never-ending cycle of googling and sifting through search results. Google does not have its own information directory. It simply gathers everything in one vast pile, lacking a solution for precise information retrieval.

My goal is to make the search for tourist information about any country and city just as easy as searching for a hotel or a flight. You don’t search for hotels, book taxis, or book flights using Google searches. I want to do the same for searching tourist information.

During the creation of the directory, we utilized virtually all existing official tourist websites of countries, regions, cities, landmarks, and events.

  • All countries of the world.
  • All capitals and popular cities.
  • Attractions. National parks. Museums.
  • Festivals. Carnivals. Celebrations.
  • Public transport of countries and cities.
  • Local travel services.


The directory is updated with new information on a regular basis. I collect, check, organize information from disparate sources and provide it to users in a convenient form. The current appearance of the service is not the final solution. Additionally, we are also preparing a mobile version that will be readily available on the gadgets of every international traveler.

May 14, 2019 “Google has taken a huge next step (⇒ google.com/travel), putting all the pieces together, by including flights, hotels, packages, and trip-planning tools on a edicated website and in Google Search and Google Maps. Google’s foothold in travel just got even larger.” (⇒ skift.com)

Jul 30, 2021 “Google has taken a major step into the tours and activities space, and rolled out a tickets feature for local attractions around the world on mobile devices. Eventually, Google’s new Tickets feature may turn out to be one of the most important developments in a long time for the tours and activities sector.” (⇒ skift.com)

About the author of the project.

Usually, people bring back photos from their travels. But I’m that oddball who travels with printed photographs, organizes photo exhibitions in some remote, forgotten villages, and tells people about people.

Why? It’s essential for all of us to understand that people in other countries are not some strange and hostile entities, but rather ordinary individuals, just like those in our own country. I believe that if we traveled more and had many acquaintances and friends in other countries, we could avoid many conflicts and wars.

Meeting people from different backgrounds encourages empathy and understanding, reducing stereotypes and prejudices. Travelers gain insights into the lives of others, fostering compassion and a sense of interconnectedness.

Travel whenever you have the opportunity. This world is much more fascinating than what you’ll see on television.

Support the project.

Hello, everyone! On this website, you won’t find any intrusive offers or advertisements, but like any other project in its early stages, we need funding. Support the project by booking hotels and flights through our partners.

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